Mountain Goat in Glacier Park

Mountain Goat in Glacier National Park

Mountain Goat in Glacier Park

This Mountain Goat in Glacier Park photograph was taken in Glacier National Park.

Price: $175
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• Art-quality canvas material
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• Canvas is wrapped in a sturdy wood frame for extra weight and durability.

Photographer: M.Hewston

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Mountain Goat in Glacier Park Mountain Goat in Glacier National Park

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Chances are, if you’re traveling through Montana, you’ll most likely see a Mountain Goat in Glacier Park scaling high, sheer cliffs. You may also encounter them on park trails. Please do not feed the goats. A nanny (female Mountain Goat) with a kid (baby Mountain Goat) may become protective of her young. Known as a surefooted animal, Mountain Goats have incredible climbing abilities. Powerful and nimble, they can jump approximately 12 feet in one single movement. Their incredible white coats and beards protect them from Montana’s cold temperatures and swift mountain winds.

Dwelling in the rocky cliffs at high elevations throughout the year, the mountain goat, also known as the Rocky Mountain goat, is well suited for survival in the mountains. With two layers of wool, a dense undercoat covered by an outer layer of long hollow hairs, the species can survive temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit and winds of 100 mph. Specialized cloven hooves with traction-creating inner pads and dewclaws provide sure footing on steep, rocky slopes of up to 60 degrees, beyond the reach of most predators. If threatened, they use their size, agility, and sharp horns to protect themselves. Herbivores with a diet of grasses, herbs, sedges, ferns, moss, lichen, twigs, and even foliage from conifers, mountain goats have the ability to stay in the alpine through the long