Montana’s Flathead Lake

Welcome to Flathead Lake

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The video shows Ducharme fishing access point on the southern end of the lake looking north. The outright beauty  is breathtaking.  Recreational opportunities around The Lake are all but endless and studies at the Flathead Biological Station have shown that water quality in The Lake is among the best in the world.

Major tributaries are the Flathead and Swan Rivers. In addition numerous small streams flow directly into The Lake at its shoreline, particularly on the wetter East Shore. Located at the outlet of the Flathead River outside of  Polson is Kerr Dam. Regulations of outflow by the dam maintain the lake level between 2,883 and 2,893 feet above sea level.

Montana's Flathead Lake

About Montana’s Flathead Lake

There are  185 miles of shoreline and 200 square miles of natural  freshwater.  Therefore earning the title as “the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi”.  There are 13 public access sites around The Lake maintained by  Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

The southern half of The Lake lies within the boundary of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ Flathead Reservation, which was created in 1855 by the Hellgate Treaty. The Flathead Nation insists that all non-tribal members purchase a tribal recreation permit to recreate on tribal lands.

Public access sites include: Bigfork, Elmo, Juniper Beach, and Sportsman’s Bridge.
There are a number of Public State Parks including: Big Arm, Finley Point, Wayfarers, West Shore State Park, Woods Bay, and Yellow Bay, and Wild Horse Island.

Camping on Montana's Flathead Lake
Camping on Flathead Lake

There are many islands on The Lake, for instance, the largest island on The Lake is Wild Horse Island State Park, which is 2,165 acres. There is no over-night camping on Wild Horse Island and the park is only accessible by boat.

Hiking Around Flathead Lake

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The Flathead Lake Trail


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Flathead Lake Vacation Guide
Flathead Lake Vacation Guide

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