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Flathead Lake Vacation Guide 

Overview of Montana’s Flathead Lake
Outlines tour around Montana’s Flathead Lake beginning at the southern tip where US Highway 93 intersects with Montana Highway 35 and continues with basic information of what you will find if you were to travel this route.
Towns around Flathead Lake
· Big Arm
· Bigfork Montana
Annual Events in Bigfork
Art Galleries in Bigfork
Outdoor Recreation in Bigfork
Dining in Bigfork
Lodging in Bigfork
· Dayton Montana
· Elmo Montana
· Finley Point Montana
· Lakeside & Somers Montana
Lodging in Lakeside/Somers
Dining in Lakeside/Somers
Recreational Activities in Lakeside
· Polson Montana
Annual Events in Polson
Points of Interest in Polson
Recreational and Outdoor Activities in Polson
Dining in Polson
Lodging in Polson
· Woods Bay Montana

Campgrounds around Flathead Lake
· Public and Private Campground locations around Flathead Lake.
Big Arm
Blue Bay
Finley Point
Woods Bay
Yellow Bay
Public Recreation and Fishing Access Sites
Hiking Trails and Public Access to Flathead National Forest
· Jewel Basin Hiking Area
· Flathead National Forest Hiking Trails
Fishing License & Permit Applications
· Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Permit Process
· Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes Permit Process
· Game Species Present in Flathead Lake
Flathead Lake Preservation Organizations
The Southern Half of Flathead Lake and the Flathead Nation
Additional Recreational Opportunities near Flathead Lake
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