Flathead Lake Communities

So there are many worthwhile communities around Flathead Lake. While all have their own unique features and attractions to entertain anyone who visits. They all share the incredible scenery, fresh air, and also clean water for any kind of lake recreation.

Communities around Flathead Lake

Communities around Flathead Lake include: Big Arm, Bigfork Montana ,Dayton Montana, Elmo Montana, Finley Point Montana , Lakeside & Somers Montana, Polson Montana and  Woods Bay Montana

Montana State ParksIn addition, recreational activities in the many communities around Flathead Lake include multiple camping sites, including the 13 public access site maintained by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, sailing in and around the Dayton area, motor boating, waterskiing, swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

  • Public access sites include: Bigfork, Elmo, Juniper Beach, and Sportsman’s Bridge.
  • Public State Parks include: Big Arm, Finley Point, Wayfarers, West Shore State Park, Woods Bay, and Yellow Bay, and Wild Horse Island.

Most noteworthy, one of the largest islands on Flathead Lake is Wild Horse Island. It is located near  the community of Big Arm.  However, there is no over-night camping on Wild Horse and the park is only accessible by boat. While boat rentals are available in the community of Big Arm from Boat Rentals and Rides.

Additionally, all sites maintained by Montana FWP have boat launches, camping, and swimming facilities, as well as toilets.

There are three highways around the 185 miles of shoreline of Flathead Lake.  Those three highways are US Highway 93 along the West Shore of Flathead Lake, Montana Highway 82 along the north of The Lake and Montana Highway 35 along the East Shore of The Lake.

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Communities around Flathead Lake

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