Hiking Around Flathead Lake

First of all, There truly is almost limitless hiking around Flathead Lake. Hiking is a great way to explore the state while experiencing nature and wildlife. Each trail offers an adventure into the vast openness of Montana. From scenic day hikes in Glacier National Park to multi-day wilderness excursions in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Hiking Flathead Lake

For instance, depending on your location there are ample hikes to do and trails to wander. If you are near Bigfork, Wayfares State Park is a good place to stop and camp.  Not worry,, if you are on the opposite side of the Lake, in Lakeside the trails are all but endless.  Blacktail Mountain Ski Resort, just outside of Lakeside is the best hiking opportunity.  The south side of Flathead Lake, near Polson provides limited hiking.  If you continue to travel south into the Mission Valley hiking trails are available for you to enjoy.

In addition to hiking trails, there are ample campgrounds, both public and private around the Flathead Lake.

Some Hikes to Enjoy around Flathead Lake Include:

No matter which side of Flathead Lake you are on. Above all, enjoy your Montana vacation.

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Flathead Lake Vacation Guide
Flathead Lake Vacation Guide

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