Hike the Flathead Lake Trail

Located just south of Bigfork Montana, The Flathead Lake Trail. As an easy-moderate hike, it takes no more than 1 hour to hike from one parking lot looping to another. Across Hwy-35 from the parking lot is the trail head for Bear Dance Trail. This .4 mile interpretive loop trails short but steep distance to an excellent view of the Flathead Lake and western skyline.  This trail is fairly easy to hike.  In addition to great views, the trail ends at Flathead Lake.

To hike this trail from Bigfork, go south on Highway 35 past Woods Bay, turn right after mile marker 23, and enter the Bear dance trail head parking. The trail goes downhill from both parking areas, creating a loop.

Enjoy the hike and remember to jump in the lake when you get to the bottom! Remember, other great hiking trails around Flathead Lake are in this vacation guide, including most every trailhead around the lake.

Although there is no camping at the Flathead lake Trail, camping is available  at Yellow Bay State Park to the south, and Wayfares State park in Bigfork to the north. The Flathead Lake Vacation Guide includes most every trail head, camping and fishing access point around the Lake.

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