Jewel Basin Hiking Area

Jewel Basin Hiking AreaFlathead National Forest’s Jewel Basin is a unique 15,000 acre hiking area maintained exclusively for hiking and camping. High Mountain Lake fishing is synonymous with the Jewel Basin Hiking Area.

Over 20 lakes provide fishing opportunities to satisfy any type of angler or backpacker. Try “bushwhacking” into some of the more remote lakes or simply take a leisurely hike to Birch Lake. Of course, with every jewel comes the risk of loving it to death.

The Jewel Basin receives heavy use due to its close proximity to Kalispell and the valley. The Camp Misery parking lot can be very crowded on blue bird days. So be warned, solitude may be hard to find and expect to share the trail with other users.

We encourage you to practice “leave No Trace” principals and be courteous to other Forest users and the resource. Please treat this beautiful area special, like the wilderness it is.