Polson Montana on Flathead Lake

Polson Montana

Located on the Flathead Indian Reservation is Polson Montana. This bustling town lies in a natural amphitheater on the south end of Flathead Lake. Polson incorporated in 1910 and is the county seat for Lake County Montana.

Polsons’ lake shore community is the trading center for one of the most fertile farming areas in Montana. Purchase your Flathead Lake Vacation GuideThis prime cherry growing region is home to dozens of orchards, which Polson celebrates with an annual Cherry Festival.  The Flathead River that flows through Polson features whitewater rafting just below Kerr Dam.

Polson Montana on Flathead Lake
Polson Montana on Flathead Lake

Vacation in Polson

Polson is a popular vacation spot when temperatures range from 80 to 95 degrees in the summer months. Visitors come to Polson for the many events during the season. Notably is The Flathead Lake Basketball Tournament and The Flathead Lake Car show, one of the largest in the pacific northwest. Traveler also enjoy the many parks along the Flathead shore.

Bordered by rugged, snow-capped mountains, lays the sweeping Mission Valley just south of Polson. Nearby is The National Bison Range in Moiese, with it’s large herds of bison as well as many other big game. In addition, the Ninepipes and Pablo Wildlife Refuges are ideal for avid bird watchers.

Here in Polson are two notable museums. The Miracle of America and Polson-Flathead Historical Museum, both offer many displays and memorabilia. Polson also has several parks located on the lake. Visitors are advised to keep their cameras ready for the area’s own “Flathead Monster,” sitings of which date back over 1 hundred years. Also, keep in mind and don’t miss the Polson Golf Course.  Find a Park in Polson

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