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Pablo Reservoir – Mirror on the water.

Mirror on Pablo Reservoir

Mirror on Pablo Reservoir

Price: $175
Location: Mirror on Pablo Reservoir
Size: 24×36″
Type: Canvas Print

The area surrounding Flathead Lake contains many different reservoirs, and wildlife havens,  One of the larger bodies of water south of Flathead Lake is the Pablo Reservoir is part of the National Wildlife Refuge system. It is a refuge and breeding ground for native birds. The Pablo Reservoir is also the initial release site for the successful restoration of Trumpeter Swans to the Mission Valley. These large white birds can be seen with some regularity throughout the potholes and waterways of the Valley.

This Photograph was taken looking west across the Pablo Reservoir. The clouds on that day were forming almost a perfect mirror on water and sky.  The canvas art home decor piece brings the moment of the circle into your home. This photograph was taken at the point when land and sky become one.

High-quality displays constructed of Art-quality canvas material. These fine art displays also have built-in hangers for easy display. The art canvas is wrapped in a sturdy wood frame for extra weight and durability.

Photographer: M.Hewston

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Mirror on Pablo ReservoirMirror on Pablo Reservoir

Pablo Reservoir as part of the National Wildlife Refuge was selected as an initial release site for trumpeter swans due to seclusion from excessive human activities, presence of abundant natural food resources, and the ability to control and maintain water levels.

The refuge is situated on land owned by the CSKT and administered by the USFWS under an easement. Wildlife management activities on the refuge are coordinated by both entities. Refuge lands encompass a large irrigation reservoir and include a smaller adjacent impoundment constructed by Ducks
Unlimited in the late 1980s to maintain water during the irrigation season. The habitat surrounding the Pablo Reservior is largely mixed grassland, interspersed with native and introduced tree species.